Your Ex On Social Media

As others have indicated, I delete and block. I might unblock briefly just to check someone’s general location so I can be certain they aren’t lurking nearby, but I mostly have to pretend the guy died so I can move on.
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Rosie Culture

It’s almost the first thing I do after a break up. I unfollow my ex on Twitter and Instagram, I unfriend them on Facebook and Snapchat, get rid of their pictures and their online existence.

They call me out on it. They say I’m acting childish, immature, bitter, and petty. But really it’s the only way I know how not to be childish, immature, bitter, or petty.

When I get into arguments, I walk away. For the most part, I put my phone down and stop speaking. I don’t want to say something I’ll regret. When I delete my ex from social media, it’s my way of walking away.

It’s extremely hard to get over someone you dated and dedicated a good chunk of your life to. It’s hard enough to run into them in person, but having to see their face on every app you open is one…

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