Superstar Dating Stories

Never let your friend’s little brother pick your dates: Two Dolla Make You Holla

I got a boyfriend out of my friend’s bad blind date: Get Me to the Greek!

My very first European boyfriend: The Limey

Rubbernecking with no necking: Rubbernecking

My first drummer: Good Drummer, Even Better Liar

Picking up men in Europe looks so much easier in the movies: European Vacations

One of the few times I lost my cool and screamed out the window after a nasty breakup, all over a CD: Jann Arden Made Me Do It

I suggest NOT wearing clothes with huge, ripped holes in them or man-purses to dates: Man Purse

And this isn’t a dating story, but nearly every day I see that at least one person visits my blog to read my experience on posting the hashtag #feminism on Twitter and calling out the trolls, so I’m going to put this in a spot that’s easy to find: Where Have All The Good Men Gone?