Superstar Products

I’ve been really lucky to have been included in this group of Chronic Illness Bloggers, masterminded by one superstar blogger in particular, Julie, that put all of us in touch with these products so we could test them for ourselves and spread the word. Some of them really stood out to me and I have become an avid customer (as much as I can on an incredibly limited budget) – which is important, because when you have a greatly reduced income, you want to know that your precious funds aren’t going to be wasted. We all have to choose between groceries and home health aids to have peace and comfort.

I use this bidet every. single. day.

Are you feeling achy/stabby/hurtful/awful and you want to smell a little bit like a burrito and a peppermint? Mo’s Dream Cream has a permanent place on my nightstand. It is great for all kinds of different sources of pain and lasts for hours.

Another lotion that offers pain relief in seconds with the help of hemp oil: Invigorate. I couldn’t and can’t believe how fast the pain goes away. Try the travel size first before you commit to the full size to see if it works for you.

The Oska Pulse is pain-free, electromagnetic pain relief in a hand-sized device. My coupon code is SICKDATING and there is a 30-day happiness guarantee. I can’t imagine living without mine. It’s an investment but so worth it – and if someone is asking what you need for a birthday or holiday gift, this is it. (Disclaimer: Not to be used near implanted medical devices containing metal including stimulators, fibrilators or programmable shunts.)

If you’d like some high-quality, legal in all states, all-natural CBD oil, I highly recommend Liberty Lixir. There’s very little taste and it packs a lot of punch at a great price, compared to other CBD tinctures on the market. I really notice a difference for my overall aches and pains associated with fibromyalgia; I would say that when I take a dose, which is holding the drops under my tongue for about 90 seconds three times a day, my pain is reduced down to 30-40% of what it normally could be for joint pain.