My Recurring Awareness of Death and the Numbers 1017 & 336

This post is fascinating to me. I’ve never woken up and thought of numbers or considered looking to find their meanings; I’m strictly a mostly-Taurus with a touch of Gemini type of person, and that’s are far as I go. In the grander scheme of things, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this is the topic today. Nikki and I hosted our Blab on advanced care directives – we HAD to talk about death. Besides having three people pass away in eight months, I am facing my own uncertain future, but I can’t claim that I have experienced flashes of ceasing to exist. I would imagine that feels pretty profound.
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Dream Big, Dream Often

I remember several years ago playing golf at the country club where I worked having an epiphanic moment.  I was finishing up a round of golf with a few members and while standing on the 18th green I had a moment in which I could feel all of the emotions associated with death: fear, anxiety, elation, separation, etc.

lifeanddeath image credit: unable to find original artist

At that moment I sensed my mortality at such a high and real level that the emotions have stuck with me till this day.  The same occurrence happened last Wednesday morning around 3 am.  I awoke out of a dead sleep and was immediately aware of death and the sensations that go along with not being in this world any longer.  It is incredibly difficult to describe, except to say that it is an absolute awareness of no longer being alive.

I wish I could…

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