Fear and hatred run deeply in our country and our culture. Already we have forgotten all of the lessons from just one or two generations prior to ours.

My Friday Blog

Hello dear reader(s)!

As fun as it has been watching Trump destroy the Republican party by giving them the public version of what it is they have always sought in private…I am afraid that I can no longer sit by and watch the damage he is doing to the nation as a whole.

Granted, I believe that the anti-Trump liberals are making a terrible mistake in agitating his supporters, and I believe they should have held back until he won the nomination, and then show up in HUGE numbers to stop him, but they did what they did anyway.  But since they have started early, Trump has responded.  And rather than continuing the fine line between inciting violence and saying he longed for the days when it was acceptable, he has gone full into the inciting category.  While before he could say that when he offered to pay his supporters’…

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