Dancing With The Stars 1980

On OKCupid, I got a guy with a screen name similar to the title of this blog hitting me up, talking at me with his job resume, telling me he makes “pretty good money.” That’s his icebreaker. He waited about 8 hours to tell me that we needed to meet up. That’s after I didn’t respond to his initial messages, and I haven’t been on the site at all.

Out of curiosity, I logged on to see what in the world made him so sure he should make this demand of me without even talking to me first. His profile says we’re a 43% match and he’s really good at “giving messages.” Besides that, it’s the usual “ask me and I’ll tell you” laziness in the rest of the profile.

I think I’m going to let this guy keep cha-cha-cha-ing on into the sunset by himself.

3 thoughts on “Dancing With The Stars 1980

  1. I almost want you to write me a profile just to see which casts of characters I net. Maybe that will inspire me to write again & work out of this block. meanwhile, part of me is selfishly glad you’re back casting the net, it might call for some popcorn at some point if it gets interesting again (Hahaha).


    • Oh no – you gotta write your own! Besides, it doesn’t matter what you write because they’re not gonna read it anyway. I’m not getting back into dating but the site activated my profile again because I logged in to check the profile of the stalker from a year ago who claimed he left the state a few weeks ago, and I wanted to see if I could block the most recent ex. I’ve got too much shit going on right at the moment to try to go on dates right now. I guess I’ll have to sit back and watch with you!

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