What Does Love Feel Like?

Yesterday was my birthday. It was no big milestone – 42 – but it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, I spent the day exactly as I wanted to, and my boyfriend gave me the best gift and in no uncertain terms let me know that he loved me completely. My fellow blogger’s use of the word “safe” is absolutely essential. I don’t have to worry about this boyfriend making my world unsafe physically, emotionally or financially. It’s such a damn relief. I love you, Saint Paul.

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“What does LOVE feel like Mommy?” Three days ago my daughter who just recently turned four asked me one of the most difficult questions anyone has ever asked me: “Mommy, what does…

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4 thoughts on “What Does Love Feel Like?

  1. I’m so happy that you have Saint Paul!!! He sounds wonderful and just to have that soft, safe place to fall is such a blessing!! I am hoping I will find my Saint Paul, however as you know, it’s hard to date when we are sick with these chronic diseases!!!! I have tried Match.com and a few other dating sites and most of the time, when you tell them that you have some health challenges and are unable to wirk at this time, you can’t see them for the dust as they run lol !!!!! You have given me hope though however, don’t even know where to start!!! Happy Birthday and I absolutely love your blog!! Thinking of starting mine up again!!!
    Cheers, Cathy

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    • Thanks so much, I truly feel lucky! I honestly thought that I was going to have about 20 more years good writing materials thanks to internet dating, but instead along came this guy who took a chance on me. I feel like a stupid, cliche commercial for a dating site now – and I’m infinitely happy that I never have to use one again. So, let’s part the water and let the men who are jerks fall on the wayside and you can walk on dry land straight ahead to the man waiting to embrace you! P.S. – Universe, make him a good kisser with great hands.

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