Everything But The Gay

Quite frankly, I really like this pope…except for this glaring disparity in his chorus about love and acceptance and how homosexuals are still making a choice to sin. This is why I can’t subscribe to any religion.


Pope France made another official proclamation this week, and it was predictably warm and fuzzy. The 256-page document, titled “Amoris Laetitia” (Latin for “The Joy of Love”), calls on Catholic leaders and followers to treat one another with kindness and empathy, and to remain respectful and honest about the challenges of domestic life. It contains…

via If the pope loves gay people, he has a strange way of showing it — Quartz

3 thoughts on “Everything But The Gay

  1. agree, but then there’s also his ableist views towards the disabled. That’s another strike against him, ablesplaining disabilities. Whether disabled or homosexual or even both we are not sinners, damaged goods, gifts or any other choice words to use for examples. We are people. It’s a shame because it’s such dogmatic rhetoric like this that really keeps people from any type of faith or religion since it smacks of anything but what they claim “Christ-like” Love & Tolerance, but you and I already know this. I agree w/you 100 percent.

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  2. That’s a very weak position – very self-centered. A lesbian once said that she is lesbian because this is how she experiences love. I quickly realized the error in that statement. God is love, and love can never be reduced to a sexual encounter or act. For many, things like sex, emotional dependency, alcohol, food, work, power, fame and control are their “love” or where they “feel” they are getting their love. But God, Who is love, can never be reduced to these creations. If we obey God, we love him. If we obey our impulses with no respect for reason or conscience, we turn away from God who gives us intellect and conscience to help us to know him and to act according to his will (the doing of which is how we love him).


  3. Francis, I approved your comment this time, but it’s grossly out of place in my blog. I don’t believe in religion or anthropomorphism, which is what you definitely practice – assigning human qualities to your made-up god. You have decided what your god does and does not accept. You have decided what is and is not acceptable in love. You have determined that lesbian love is erroneous and that the only way to “love” your god is through “obedience” – whatever the hell that means. It is possible to lead a good life without relying upon a book of fables written hundreds of years ago before the advancement of science as a compass of sorts. If that is what you choose to believe in, that’s fine, but it’s not what I choose to believe, and I don’t have to just because you say so.


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