Four Things I Hate About Online Dating.

I know I’m overdue to post my own original material; until I get my act together, please enjoy a fellow blogger’s thoughts on online dating.
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The D-List Diaries.

Finding love online – it’s tough work. All that fishing, swiping and dodging dicks disguised as Cupid’s arrows is hard enough without our fellow online daters making it even more difficult. It’s a scary world out there on the Net. Well – to be honest, it’s probably more annoying than frightening. I’ll just get right into it. Four of my online dating dislikes, for your reading pleasure.

  • The Plethora of Peen

There are just so. Many. Profiles. My god.

I know, you’re probably thinking, “That’s not the worst thing in the world, is it? You have options!” Yeah. That might be true, you know, if I weren’t having to sift my way through a never-ending sea of Nopes. I say “Nopes” because as all of you fellow swipers know, that’s what appears when you wipe your thumb left on a person with zero potential. That sounds pretty harsh, my bad…

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