Sharing Is Caring

I got accustomed to living in my house in Phoenix; I had a large lot, the walls were brick, and not many sounds penetrated from the outside with the exception of the neighborhood roaming illegal roosters crowing day and night. Conversely, I could make as much noise as I wanted to like singing loudly, and I didn’t really have to worry about disturbing my neighbors. In true Phoenix fashion the curtains were always drawn to keep the sun from heating the house up too much.

Now I’m in an apartment in an old building in Minnesota that is less than 1/6 the size of my house, and besides being aware of the size, I’m aware of touching space. Specifically I know what my neighbor upstairs has for breakfast on weekends, or when her kitten is playing with a toy. I also always wince whenever I drop something on the floor in case there happens to be an apartment below me in the basement (which I still can’t figure out but have heard noises come from that area from time to time like someone is doing prep work in a kitchen).

All winter long I have had a fan going because even though this is an ancient building, the radiators work like ancient screaming, steaming beasts, and I sweat like crazy. I don’t even get under the covers. I also wear my summer pajamas, which are usually big t-shirts or chemises.

Today, however, the radiators are not on, so neither is my fan. It’s just chilly enough for me to be under my covers and for my electric bed pad to be on. I decided to dissemble my fan and wash all the parts because they have been caked with dust like fans are wont to do. In the quiet, I have become aware of certain things.

First, just because my fan has drowned out outside noises to me, doesn’t mean my fan has drowned out my noises to other people. I mean sure – I’m a decent singer. You’re welcome, neighbors. Second, I could hear my upstairs neighbor and a few of her friends giggling. This was not loud giggling. If this was not loud giggling, then what could she hear from ME? I really, really need to work on my whisper-scream, if you know what I mean. Pretty sure I need to stuff the space around my door with towels too. What the other tenants must hear when they pass by my door…! I can see it now: “Hang on, honey, I need to do some soundproofing. Hold that thought.” I just saw the movie “Room.” I wonder if I could soundproof my little sweat box just like the psycho did the shed where he kept the girl imprisoned? I would only use my powers for good and never for evil. I sure would love the luxury of screaming loudly without summoning the cops. Of course, that would work against me too. I have wiped out a few times in the tub and it would be just my luck that I will have to holler for help at some point and not a soul will hear me just because I want to set up my apartment to have noisy sex.

Speaking of sweat box, I tend to dress down when I’m in my apartment and it’s about 80-85 degrees F when the radiators are blasting away. My windows face a business that doesn’t have any windows facing mine and the alley doesn’t get any foot traffic because it’s fenced off on both ends…except for today. When I got up this morning I raised my blinds about a foot so I could see some sunshine. However, at around 9 am, two heads came floating by my windows about 7 feet from where I lay in bed next to the windows – I’m on the first floor, but I’m up a half flight of stairs, so my floor is not exactly flush with the ground floor. Apparently the business was experiencing problems with its ventilation system and a bunch of guys had scaled the fence to work on the wires.

I didn’t make any sudden movements, just laid in bed in my not-safe-for-public-consumption t-shirt and undies, no makeup and no wig. I slowly raised my body pillow so that it blocked me from their sight and when they left the alley temporarily, I jumped out of bed to put my shades back down. I honestly don’t know if they were being polite or unaware by not looking in my windows. Really, I was doing them a favor by sparing them of the full effect of me in all of my glory because it can be quite startling if one isn’t at all prepared.
This is the ultimate dilemma. If spotted, do I flash them my saggy 40+-year-old boobs so they know I’m really a woman and not a dude with a bald head? I mean, if I were transsexual, there is no way I would pay money to have this body. <sigh> I guess this was a good reminder that I shouldn’t run around in my skivvies with the blinds up even a little bit.

7 thoughts on “Sharing Is Caring

  1. Your walls are thin! I’ve never heard anything that clearly in an apartment. We’re getting a roommate soon, talk about needing to learn to have quiet sex. 😲 funny story just for you…again. BTW, don’t know if I told you but loved your rollercoaster ride. Now my story. We lived in Palm Spinks for a while, it gets really hot there. I often went around the house with no top on, just undies. I was alone, there was a privacy fence around the house so no biggie. Then one day my dog was barking, I opened the door to get her in and the US man was standing there. He got an eye full of my 40+ year old body…it was a few years ago. *snort*

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  2. I used to live above a couple who only had two past times: screaming matches and screaming make up sex! I never had any guilt about my loud music when I lived there! (ps, I’m on the flash em your tits side, I never wear clothes at home and don’t care who sees it!)

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