Why Feminism Is Good For Men

I recently connected with a man who proudly says he is a feminist. He is truly concerned for the women in his life and his actions match his word; yesterday he brought dinner to a friend who was working two jobs and had no time to get food, and then when he found out she wouldn’t be able to put gas in her nearly empty tank until 11:30 pm, took her car himself and filled the tank. We talked about what it’s like for women to move through this world – the men who shoulder check us when we are walking in opposite directions, women having to always think about how we are going to survive a trip to the grocery store without being hit on or hit over the head; how unsafe it is for a woman to travel alone to a majority of other countries (not to mention going a few miles away from home).

Of course, men are also hugely disconnected in interpersonal relationships when they label feelings as feminine and therefore without value. Some of the men I encounter on OKCupid have been on there for six years now, and claim that any blame lies with the women they meet on the site. However, they are terrible at self-examination (and most likely don’t have the first clue about how to learn it), and they will ALWAYS be single if they have shut down all possibilities to meaningful relationships complete with love and communication.

3 thoughts on “Why Feminism Is Good For Men

  1. Generally you don’t find single guys who are feminists. They have ulterior motives. He likes you or someone near you. These guys are called white knights. The white unicorn is a married guy who’s a feminist. Very very rare. If they even exist….


    • I appreciate your input. I’m quite familiar with the white knight guys, and they are just as damaging as someone who thinks women shouldn’t work. The men who make it into my family’s inner circle are the rare unicorns, and maybe some day I’ll be lucky enough to have one for a partner.


    • I freely admit I like her. She is a remarkable woman. Smart, funny, she has her own opinions and ideas and is not afraid to speak them, and that is very appealing to me. If treating women like human beings is very rare, so be it. I believed in those things before I met her, and I’ll believe in them until I’m dead.

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