This fear of cannibalism could explain why some dates have cancelled on me in the past few months. Seriously, just because I believe in feminist values doesn’t mean that I wish anyone ill will. On the other hand, fava beans and a nice chianti…


2 thoughts on “Hannibal

  1. Did you see that after he mates, he’s probably going to die?

    I mean, if you eat your sex partner, I guess its a bit of karma, but I still think that is a MAJOR design flaw in their Evolution. Someone should submit a bug report.

    Also, I’m not so thrilled that if they had found a big enough mate, the aquarium is willing to let him die so they have have a Very Special Valentine’s Day Sex Event.

    Maybe the sex is so good when you’re an octopus that its all worth it.

    OK. This is a complicated moral issue. I wonder how Kong would vote. Personally, I’d be OK with chastity if death was on the line.

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    • I think Kong would be like most dudes (and I do mean dudes and not men): “Hey, if it was the best sex ever, and I got her really pregnant, I’d be okay with dying.”

      Don’t come aknockin’ if the bathtub’s asloshin’.

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