Gene Therapy Made Simple, Just for You

At PatientWorthy, we’ve talked a lot about gene therapy, but we’ve never really taken the time to explain it. What the heck is gene therapy? How does it work? Well, like your relationship with pharmaceutical companies, it’s complicated. So, let’s aim for simplicity. Gene therapy, according to Genetic Literacy Project, is when a patient’s stem cells…

Source: Gene Therapy Made Simple, Just for You

4 thoughts on “Gene Therapy Made Simple, Just for You

  1. I’ve just read were an athlete from the US, I can’t remember his name will have to look it up, went to Germany and had this done and it “cured” his Meniere’s. I’m very curious if it will last, and excited for the posibilities of this treatment for so many.

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      • I think I may already be too advanced for it to work…at the point of no return. And I could never afford it. Isn’t it a shame that we have to put a price limit on our health.
        I hope your friend with Meniere’s never gets to the point I’m at. I’m one of the very, very rare ones. Most never go bilateral, or lose there hearing, and if they do then the vertigo normally stops or almost does. I’m deaf with cochlear implants, having vertigo on an almost daily basis. Don’t scare your friend with that, but if she needs a friend, you can send her to my blog, I understand how hard it can be. She can contact me through there too. You can ask me anything about my experience with disability. I need to write a post about it. xo

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  2. I appreciate the offer to send my friend your way, but unfortunately we haven’t chatted for at least 12+ years, so I’m not sure how to get ahold of her. From what she experienced compared to what you are saying, I think she actually got her diagnosis fairly early in the process – within a few months, rather than having to go through testing for years. When we last saw each other, she was trying to control her symptoms by being on a very low sodium diet, complete with the distilled water.

    Yes, I think you should write a post about going through the process for disability! Everyone including my PCP is surprised that I haven’t been granted it. Have you seen that exoskeleton suit that some company created and featured at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas? The programmers made it so that people (doctors!) could understand the challenges of the elderly and that certain things could be adjusted, like vision or ringing in the ears or joints that don’t move well. I said that I wanted to carry one of those with me to every appointment so doctors could get the full effect of what it’s like to inhabit my body. I think every doctor’s office should invest in one.


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