Unintended Consequences

I keep a reference book from the days that I was studying to be an RN that has tons of diseases and explanations – kind of an encyclopedia of conditions. I realize that we have the internet at our fingertips, but sometimes I whip that book out and read it for fun.

However, this week I went directly to the internet. I started having sharp pain near my tailbone and discovered a cyst that had formed that’s just about the size of a ping pong ball. I’ve had this happen once before, about four years ago. The cyst went away on its own. However, I’m keeping an eye on this one, because I’VE SEEN THE PICTURES. DAMN THE INTERNET.

If what I’m seeing is correct, I’ve got a pilonidal cyst. Here’s the funny part: usually it happens on hairy truckers. No joke. They sit on their asses all the time, and the hair on their ass gets crushed into their skin. Sometimes the hair actually punctures the skin and is pushed down into it, and all that pressure and heat makes it a breeding ground for bacteria. And we all know those truckers can get sweaty from all that time on the road. That’s why truck stops have showers.

Number 1, I’m not a trucker. Number 2, I don’t have any hair anywhere (except my big toes, sometimes). However, because I’m on bed rest for about 22 hours of my day for the most part, it’s probably still a nice warm and moist place for bacteria to proliferate.

I’ll never know what actually prompted the start of the cyst. I can tell you that it’s as painful as it sounds – I’ve got a pain patch slapped over the top of it right now. I also know I have to be careful in watching it because if this sucker doesn’t go away on it’s own, I have to have it surgically excised.

I don’t have much of a choice regarding laying flat all day. It helps to take the pressure off of my brain. But just like astronauts being in space too long and having things like osteoporosis pop up, there’s stuff you don’t think about happening because of being bed bound until it actually happens. For instance, besides this cyst, I have braces that I have to wear for my legs when I am laying down. The tendons in my legs and feet are tightening and shortening from not being used. If I don’t wear the braces, walking becomes very painful.

So, to wrap this one up, I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be watching my ass for the next week.

4 thoughts on “Unintended Consequences

    • I am familiar with it but have not participated in it. The biggest challenge is going to be finding an organization who offers this free or accepts medical assistance in Minnesota. I have zero income. I first read about it when I was doing some research on TBI; it seems like something that should work for my weird undiagnosed rare disease as well as for getting my fibromyalgia under control.

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